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PEPTAN Collagen Benefits – Age Well With Lifeshot

Collagen Confidence

One of Lifeshot Collagen’s greatest benefits is it will give you confidence in how you look. Peptan Collagen benefits help to your skin in its elasticity, so you will feel and look younger and more beautiful. Lifeshot collagen powder, made from top quality PEPTAN ™, will help you age slower and improve the collagen make up of your skin. As you age you lose more and more collagen in your skin and it becomes thinner and more fragile. 

Estimates are that every year after the age of 20 you lose 1% of collagen production in your body, that is the reason why if you feel an old person’s skin it feels thin and if you feel a very young person’s skin its has a feeling of thickness and stability

Who does this most benefit?

For the ladies out there who are worried about wrinkles as you get into your late 30’s, this is definitely a product you want to start taking every day. 10-20grams (which is one or two scoops from my lifeshot collagen powder bottle) every day will help support your skin and some people have noted that it makes a visible difference within 1 month.

PEPTAN Collagen benefits are for everyone, even children can benefit from it. Most people in the western world are not into bone broths and oxtail stews. In my family I cook an oxtail stew once a week, the amount of collagen that is present in that meal is astounding, now just think if you only ever at muscle meat, you would get some collagen but you would not get half as much as you would if you cooked meat with the bones in a stew.

For the men, it’s not all about skin and looks, in order to not be aching when you get up off the couch or moaning about those sore joints then collagen powder is for you too. If you want to age gracefully and help your body feel good then you need to be taking collagen powder every day too.

Scientific studies on the benefits of PEPTAN Collagen

There are numerous studies, some can be found here from a journal in PubMed

“Collagen hydrolysate is of interest as a therapeutic agent of potential utility in the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Its high level of safety makes it attractive as an agent for long-term use in these chronic disorders.”

Need some more convincing about adding collagen to your diet?

Here are 7 more PEPTAN Collagen benefits

1. Better Looking Skin

It helps to reduce fine line wrinkles. How? By increasing procollagen type 1 by 65% when you consume it regularly over an extended period. By consuming collagen it stimulates the body to produce its own stores. It produces Elastin which gives your skin that elastic feel. Elastin and collagen are both proteins found in the skin

2. Joint Pain

May help to reduce joint pain. Why does might it help? Joint pain is triggered by inflammation. If we are depleted in Proteoglycans then we are not able to recover. Our collagen will not do the job it’s supposed to do. When you take collagen supplements it accumulates in the joints thereby stimulating more production from your body of collagen to build cartilage. Studies have shown that a control group of people with severe joint pain reported a progressive improvement over 70 days of taking 20g of collagen each day. Collagen is not here to solve the problem, but it does kickstart your body to heal

3. Liver Health

If you are eating low carb high protein and high-fat diet then collagen is super important. Collagen has a profound effect on the liver (using glycine) it helps create bile. Bile is what emulsifies fat when you eat a fatty meal and you don’t have bile it will cause you digestive issues.

4. Fall Asleep Quicker

When your core temperature is out of sync you may find it hard to fall asleep. Your body has to be cool to fall asleep. In Collagen, there is an amino acid called Glycine which has an effect of cooling the body just a little bit. Glycine in collagen acts upon the NMDA receptor which relaxes our blood vessels and vasodilation effect. The blood that is usually around your core now has the ability to get to your limbs and extremities and this will allow us to fall asleep easier. Glycine also inhibits orexin (arousal excitement and anxiety) 

5. Hormonal Balancing Affect

It helps modulate estrogen in the body. Especially in the female population. Collagen helps active estrogen receptors. Collagen takes the free-flowing estrogen in the body and puts it to proper use 

6. Muscle Recovery

To get the maximum muscle recovery effect, Collagen can work alongside traditional protein powder. Your body is in a natural demand for type 3 collagen after muscle gets injured or torn from a workout. When you work out and you push hard you are tearing your muscle fibres or cells, but this is a good thing as it will help to build the muscle as it recovers.

7. Brain Health

Collagen can block the beta-amyloid plaque that affects our neuron transmitters. The blocking on these neurons and the receptors can cause memory loss or develop dementia.

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