lifeshot podcast 58 with emily rombeau about vitamin d

Vitamin D: Health Benefits in Our Greatest Time of Need with Emily Rombeau

In this podcast: How vitamin D helps our immune system

Vitamin D is so vital to our health that it is the first vitamin supplement recommended by many health governing bodies such as the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and the World Health Organisation.

It is also the first supplement that biohackers like Dave Asprey would recommend in your pursuit of living longer and healthier.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in a few foods, artificially added to others like milk and cereals, and available as a dietary supplement. It is also produced endogenously when ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight hit your skin, this triggers what they call “vitamin D synthesis”

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Listen to the audio podcast here

Or watch the interview with Emily here

Topics you will hear in this podcast

Nutrition has massive impact on health…3:20

GP’s don’t usually recommend lifestyle choices because of short visit times. A GP’s office is not the number one place to obtain preventative measures for a healthy lifestyle.

Soil degradation because of bad farming practices: You risk running into insufficiencies in your body due to the lack of nutrients in the soil. See the documentary called “Kiss the soil” on Netflix.

It is always better to get your trace minerals and vitamins from the food you eat but you can top up with vitamins that are produced in the laboratories.

Treating Covid or preventing Covid with Vitamin D…5:01

More and more studies are being done around treating and trying to prevent covid-19 from affecting a person’s health.

People who are low or deficient in vitamin D are more susceptible to having more severe symptoms when contracting covid-19.

Vitamin D is essential for the immune system, preventing diabetes type 2 and cancer.

Vitamin D and it’s epigentic effects…11:20

Walking in the sunshine can give you 20,000 units of vitamin D in a 2 hour period, depending on the time of day and the amount of skin you have exposed to the sun.

Vitamin D epigenetically modulates over 2,500 genes in the body. That means your genes react to express themselves in positive ways when Vitamin D is available in the body.

How do you get tested for vitamin D at home or at a laboratory? Emily gets into some discussion about this.

Amount circulating in your body…13:36

There are cases in some people where they will be consuming enough vitamin D and getting enough sun exposure but they can still be deficient in vitamin D due to liver dysfunction. Perhaps where the liver is not turning the vitamin D to a useable source for the body.

The scientific way to measure Vitamin D in the body is to measure its effective conversion in the liver.

If you are not eating enough fat then your body cannot absorb vitamin D. Also, even if you are in the sun for hours and you do not have enough cholesterol then your body will not synthesize the UV rays into vitamin D.

What Foods Should You Eat?…15:40

The foods that you should be eating to get vitamin D are fatty fish like salmon, sardines and tuna. Cod liver oil is also a very good source of vitamin D.

And there is so much more for you to listen to in the podcast, click the play button above and enjoy. Please share this with your friends and family!

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