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We are a very small business, and so we cannot offer free returns, so sorry to say, I wish it could be different. Over time this will change, as we grow bigger our customer service will also grow with us!

For now to return your order if you have changed your mind and for a refund, please send it to 

2 Croft Road, Isleham, CB75QR

If you have opened the seal, then unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund. 

Have a great day! 


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All we have

is our health.

At the end of the day, what keeps us alive and enjoying life is our health. 

Join me, as I continue my journey with preventative health measures and positive habits.
From daily movement or exercise to controlled eating, relaxed states and wise food choices, breathing and meditation practices.

Join our community and be part of the journey.


lifeshot collagen protein

Collagen is an essential component for the continued health of your skin and joints. Lifeshot Collagen Powder will help you age slower and improve the collagen make up of your skin. And you’ll look + feel younger!


What if there was a coffee that was good for you? The second product in the LifeShot family, our LifeBrew coffee is available now.
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My goal is
your health and future wellbeing

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    Get the latest lifeshot news and special offers, direct to your inbox!

    slow down the signs of ageing! ​

    7 reasons why you need to supplement with collagen now

    Every year your collagen production goes down. Stop the signs of ageing and start your journey on keeping yourself looking and feeling younger for longer. 

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