osteopath who fixes joint pain

Joint & Bone Health: How to keep mobile and feel aligned with Daniel Rollins

In this podcast: How you can be free of body pain and increase mobility

Daniel Rollins is an osteopath who helps people fix joint pain and increase overall mobility, he operates out of Cambridge and London. I recently visited Daniel to have pain in my jaw assessed. When I had my motorbike accident in September 2019 it moved my structure out of place and has caused pain to travel up into my jaw.

You may have had injuries which cause your joints to have pain and discomfort. Find out how you can live a better life by either seeing a professional like Daniel or following some of the advice he has in order to maintain good posture and bone health

You can visit his website here https://www.dynamicosteopathy.co.uk/daniel-rollins

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Listen to the audio podcast here

Or watch the interview with Daniel here

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