How To Make Coffee With An Aero Press

by Clint Grove

Last edited on 3rd January 2021

If you ever wanted to know how to make a coffee using an aero press then you have come to the right place. You can use our very own LIFEBREW Coffee with this coffee maker. Get yours here.

You can buy an aero press here (this is an affiliate link, thanks for supporting!) and you can watch the video I made here if you would rather watch than read!

The nice thing about this coffee apparatus is that it takes away some of the acidity which is sometimes associated with African coffees. It does give a more smooth taste than a french press for example, but some coffees are better suited to a french press, so don’t go away believing that an aero press will be your new go-to press for all coffees, because that is not the case.

There are three main parts to an aero press

The Chamber (or Barrel as I call it!)

Aero press chamber part

The Plunger

The Filter Cap

How much coffee should I use?

15-20 grams per cup. The standard is to use 15grams of coffee per cup. I like to use 20 grams because I use about 250ml of water. So depending on the amount of water you are putting in you may need to increase the amount of coffee that you grind per cup.

How fine do I grind the coffee?

As this is a microfilter you can do an espresso grind, which is usually very fine.

Aero Press Method

I use a normal top down method here, there is an inversion method which I want to try next. I will do an article and video on it soon!

1. Place the micro filter in the aero press filter cap

You should receive a decent size pack of filters if you order your first aero press. Use one of these filters and place it inside the filter cap, there is no front or back of the filter paper, any which way will do.

Now place the filter cap with the filter paper in, onto the chamber, its a simple push and turn, you will see once you get it in your hands.

2. Put the ground coffee into the aero press chamber

Firstly, put your aero press chamber with the filter cap now in place on top of your coffee cup.

Then take your 15grams or so of ground coffee and carefully place it inside the chamber that is now sitting on top of your coffee cup.

3. Shuffle the coffee so its level

Make sure you dont have the coffee heaped onto one side.

Fill your kettle with spring water, or second best, use filtered water from your tap. Please don’t just use water straight from the tap! Read my article here about the best water to use for coffee.

4. Pour in the water and stir

Wait for at least 30 seconds after your water has boiled before pouring it over the coffee. You don’t want to put boiling hot water on top of your coffee.

5. Wait between 30-90 seconds and plunge

After giving it a stir, then give it between 30-90 seconds or so to brew and then commence the plunge!

You are now seconds away from a great cup of coffee!

You can drink it as it is, or put some milk in.

If you like your coffee to be more than just coffee and you want to use it for a filler so that you can skip breakfast then add some organic grass-fed butter, MCT oil and lifeshot collagen! Enjoy

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