Brazil Organic Coffee Beans

Lifebrew coffee is a mix of two beans, one from Brazil  and one from Peru, both are certified organic. The journey to certify their farms are organic is a costly and lengthy process, but the rewards are great.

Our Brazil beans are a Red and Yellow Catuai variety from a collection of 5 farms owned by the Dutra family. They care greatly about the environment and 35% of their farms are conserved for nature allowing the natural ecosystem to thrive amongst their coffee trees. 

Farming in and amongst nature, in undulating terrain, can also mean that picking fruit from the trees is not straightforward as with farms set up solely to produce trees with no natural conservation.  

Buying Lifebrew coffee means you are supporting this family owned business farmers and their families. And also you are supporting their farming techniques, which are to preserve the natural environment and take care of soil and the water supplies. 

Check it out on the map here and for more info on the farm here.

As we can expect from Brazlian coffee, it has a juicy and well-balanced feel. Lifebrew organic coffee beans are from Fazenda Jatoba, located in the Matas de Minas region. The climate, the soil and the altitude and the farming techniques all work together to produce distinctive aromas, flavours and a balanced body that have won this coffee many awards, nationally and internationally.

It’s good to know that the coffee we chose to drink is from rich organic soil and that no harmful chemicals were used to produce this coffee, after all we should be careful what we put into our bodies, our internal and external environment determines our health. 

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