Neuromuscular Therapy For Pain and Injuries with Sean Johnson

how do you heal pain in your back? I spoke with Sean Johnson who gave us insight into how he goes about helping people with all sorts of body issues.  From shoulder pain to foot pain and everything in between Sean helps people cope and get better where possible using a combination of Bowen Therpay […]

Why dark chocolate is a plant-powered superfood

In this podcast episode of Lifeshot (you can play it in the box above) I speak to Martyn O’Dare from Firetree Chocolate This is an episode for pretty much 9 out of 10 of us, as many of us like or eat chocolate. For those who are trying to do Keto or Paleo and even […]

The Best Water To Drink

What is the best water to drink? Get ready to learn how to make the best cup of tea or coffee, how to make better tasting beer, and make winning cocktails at your next dinner party. Also how the water you might be drinking is bad for your health and which water is best to […]

Bamboo & Water Chestnut Coconut Curry

It’s vegan and packed full of nutrients Recently I was looking for a recipe that included bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and lemongrass, but when I scoured the internet I could not find one. So I created my own! Sometimes my own recipes are like mehhhh, but sometimes they are super tasty and it’s the super […]

Health: A beginners guide

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, this is a famous saying that many of us have heard. I want to help you take the first step today on your health journey. You are here because you want to look after your health, so let’s get started. Start with anti-inflammatory products​ Why […]

How to stop your hair going grey

Some people don’t mind going grey, but for me I don’t want to. I would rather have head full of dark hair, my natural hair colour is dark brown and I would like it to stay like that for as long as possible

How to have younger skin


The rage at the moment is collagen, if you are getting older you will notice that your skin is not as elastic as it once was