Hi, I’m Clint Grove. 

Every since I was a child our medicine cabinet was filled with “things”. Headache tablets, detol (anti septic), iodine, bite cream, de-worming tablets and any other post child accident or incident cream or tablet you can think of! And then when we were teenagers my mom decided to work in a pharmacy! Oh boy, you should have seen our medicine cabinet then. 

Well, you know what they say, we become like our parents. You should see my medicine cabinet now. My wife goes mental when she sees it, and so she tries to avoid looking there. From fixer uper remedies like milk of magnesium to zambuk (if you don’t know what that is, it’s like that movie “My big fat Greek wedding” where the dad has this spray (funny video of it here) that he says fixes everything, that is what zambuk is to me. 

All the products that I recommend on the various pages and blogs of this website, I have tried myself in the past, or I am using now or is something that I want to use in the near future. I hope you enjoy browsing and reading all the articles and insights on my site! Thanks for visiting and do come back! 


Like I said, my name is Clint Grove. I live in the east of England with my 4 kids and my wife Esther.

I run a health and wellness podcast where I interview guests on a range of topics from workplace wellbeing, to primal movements and also nutrition and mindset 

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